History of New Hope Ministries

New Hope Ministries began as a home Bible study on the north side of Naples on February 11, 1982. Within only a few weeks, it became clear that larger accommodations would be required. The name New Hope Ministries was chosen and the group began to hold services and function as a church. Our first location as a church was at 108th Ave N in North Naples.

Over the next several years, we continued to grow and relocated 7 times, with locations at at various places across town. In 1989, we bought property on Davis Blvd and built our first brand new church building. We worshipped at that location for 8 years. In 1996, we bought 20 acres of property across the street from that Davis Blvd location and built our current sanctuary.

The first service in our current facilities was held April 1997. The old property was sold to the Boys and Girls Club of America, and we purchased an additional 20 acres adjacent to the 20 acres we had already built upon. The 40,000 square foot New Hope Ministry Center was opened in March 2011.

We are on the threshold of new challenges and continued growth. We are running the race which has been set before us and are anchored to the Rock upon which we are built. We believe the best is yet to come!