New Hope School of Ministries

Any time a believer dives into deeper study of the Word, it is inevitable that he will be blessed from the effort. New Hope Ministries, in keeping with their mission statement and purpose, has sponsored a nine-month, extensive Bible training course for over 30 years.

Attendees in the New Hope School of Ministries(NHSM) have the opportunity to study in-depth matters pertaining to their faith, Christian witness, prayer, as well as practical Bible study.

“Everything in life has a start and an end. We don’t want to ever ‘graduate’, but to take it and make it a lifestyle,” a graduate says.

New Hope School of Ministries students graduate after attending two classes each week during the course of the nine-month program.

Students will have specialized training in many areas of their Christian life with classes in Principles of Bible Study, Principles of Faith, Basic Doctrines of Christianity, Prayer Life, The Holy Spirit, Evangelism, The Book of Romans, The Biblical Feasts, Covenants, Leadership and Dispensations and in-depth research into the Old and New Testament.

Gwen Brown, who graduated from the first class of the School of Ministries in 1990, now teaches two of the classes. Brown comments that the school has changed over the years and that classes offered now are focused not merely on learning but on helping each student find and grow in their own personal Life or calling.

“They’re learning to implement what they’re learning.” Brown explains. “They’re putting their faith into action.”

In spite of how the classes have changed over the decades, she still recalls how it felt to be a new graduate of the School of Ministries.

“I knew that after those nine months, I knew the Word better and had a closer relationship with the Lord. What I’m doing today is directly because of the foundation placed in me that year,” she says.

The school is open to everyone, and New Hope has always encouraged and invited students from other churches. It is not necessary to take all of the classes or to take them all in one school year.

They can be spaced out.

There is a cost involved for the school, but the school’s leaders and instructors say that money should not prevent anyone from attending. Financial Aid and other considerations can be worked out for those who sincerely desire to participate.

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Orientation is August 3, 2020 at 7:oopm in the New Hope Event Center Lecture Hall.


New Hope School of Ministries Second Year Program

This year, we’re once again offering a second year program for alumni.

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